About Me

Hello World! Welcome to my blog.

This is Punit Khatri, I am a passionate Blogger and YouTuber. Currently finishing my Bachelor’s degree in Business Administrations, I am a third-year student from Centre for Management Studies, Jain University.

I started my journey couple of years ago, when I was watching a YouTube video and realised the fact that I knew the entire process and I myself could shoot YouTube videos. That is when, I started my YouTube channel and named it PK Tech. As I was under the technology niche and the initials of my name.

Since then I have been producing video on topics related to Apple, iPhone and iOS. Later, I changed the name of my channel to iDeviceGuide. Helping people to perform complex tasks smoothly on their iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches and Macs. I love sharing content and helping people by sharing information about latest Apple Updates and How-to Guides. I also, review accessories for Apple Devices.

Soon after, I got an offer to work for iGeeksBlog and manage their YouTube channel as well as produce YouTube videos for them. I took up the opportunity and worked hard in order to make maximum videos. At the same time, I was managing my studies, as I was in 11th and 12th grade while working with iGeeksBlog.

In the next two years, I realised that I need to work on my personal brand and do not enjoy working for others as an employee. So, I shifted back to my YouTube channel and grew to four thousand subscribers.

It was in Feb 2019, when I planned to start a blog to share content as well. So, this was the time when I started writing articles along with producing YouTube videos, both of these along with my college. Since the time I started my blog, I have been taking help of Digital Marketing to promote my business.

This was the time, when I got into this field and enjoy it.

As of now, I am in my third-year, managing my studies and writing articles and producing YouTube videos. But this was not enough, I want to encourage more and more to work on their dream project. I do not like it when people go out party and waste time, but not work on what they want. When it comes to work, everyone have their complains to not work.

But that is totally wrong and I hate it. I love encouraging people and motivating them, always. That is the reason for starting this personal blog, using this blog I shall share my insights and views about various topics related to Digital Marketing as well as Entrepreneurship.

My personal motivator is Gary Vaynerchuk.

NOTE – If you have any great idea I can work upon, do get in touch with me.