The Punit Khatri Show

Welcome to my Podcast. I am glad that you have tuned-in to listen to me. So, this is a podcast series that I have started to share information, knowledge, and how-to about Personal Finance, Self Development, and Self Growth. In today’s world, it is essential for teenagers to start learning about money and how to manage money. Which is something colleges and schools will never teach their students.

But if your college or school does not teach you something, that does not mean that you will not learn it or you cannot learn it. Personal Finance and Self Development are two very crucial topics. And you should not be wasting even a single minute on deciding, to start learning or not.

Below are the episodes from my Podcast Show, hope you like it. If you do, please review, subscribe and share the podcast with your friends and family.


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  1. Hi dear

    Nice to hear that u aware and want to aware society specially new generation

    Best of luck
    Hope u be the wealth as well as health creater


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