Goodbyes, a tiny thing to say, yet have an enormous meaning. It is effortless for people to say – Good Bye. But to mean it and to abide by it, is very difficult. I am a person who does not like good-byes. Or, should I say – I’m no good at good-byes.

There are often situations when you do not want to leave a person, but you have no option other than leaving them. Because if you think practically, it does not make sense to force someone to be with you. Force someone to talk to you when they do not want to.

I hate to leave my connections, friendships, and relations. I prefer to have a small relationship with everyone I meet in my life. Because, you never know who, at which point in your life, can be helpful. But people call this logic, being selfish. I do not see anything selfish about this concept. I, am willing to maintain a bond with you and not cut you from my life, forever.

People say this is what is called being selfish. Doing something with a motive of helping yourself, or you are the one benefiting from the act. But with this concept, at least we will stay in touch, which is much better than not talking at all. That is how I see relations in my life. The more people you know, have contact with, the better. More prominent the network, the better.

My Goodbye Experience

Something similar happened in my life recently, when my girlfriend decided to break up with me. She says that I do not listen to her, I do not understand her, and I do not stand with her when she needs me.

After dating me for six months, she realizes that I am not the one. How can this be possible? In the beginning, you think a person is right for you. You want to spend your life with him, but after a few months, you realize the fact that it is not valid. The person you chose was wrong, and you decided to leave?

I get the point where people make mistakes, and people tend to do things which are not meant to be done by them. They take decisions which they should not take, but why does this happen?

According to me, this happens when you are not thinking about the bigger picture. You decide without thinking of a situation through and concluding in a rush. Which is not a healthy practice; you must take the required time to process a case and act upon as needed.

The decision that you take in a rush affects your peace of mind. Fighting with your man on a daily bases, arguing over petty issues, unable to decide on a common topic, these are just a few of the problems. The situation can be much worse, but you need to evaluate for yourself. No one else can do it for you.

One thing people fail to understand, nothing is more important than your peace of mind. You, yourself, must be at peace to tackle everything else in your life. Just because you are attached to someone and cannot accept the fact that they are not with you, does not mean you can harm yourself. If their presence is hurting you, affecting you, changing you, trust me, you must leave.

Does me leaving means I am weak?

Leaving someone does not mean that you are not sure or you are backing out or you are weak. It means you dare to choose what is right for you, what is best for your peace of mind. It is essential to take this step, and it can be challenging at first. You might think, what will you do after that, how will you handle yourself. But do not forget, you were living way before the person entered your life and you can live life way long after the person leaves you.

One thing that you need to care about is the way you do it. The method you choose to leave the person is significant. Let me elaborate a little more on this:
First of all, you need to focus on yourself and take a final decision. Once you have decided and are sure about it, you need to meet the other person in person and not break up over a phone call or text message. That is the last thing you can do to your partner. The person deserves this one last meeting, for sure.

Meet them and do not weaken after meeting your partner. You need to be as strong as you were at your place and say it out to your partner. This goodbye needs to be in a very polite manner and a mature way. We are not kids anymore that we decide not to meet every again and stop responding.

You need to figure out everything and explain it to your partner, make them understand how things are from your eyes. The moment they see the situation from your viewpoint, their perspective to the situation will change. Now, this is something which I did not get to experience because my girlfriend did not dare to meet me in person and say, “I break up with you.”

Hope you understand how it feels to have that cut off without any explanation. So, give it a thought and let me know in the comments below if the method or any part of the entire article was helpful for you.

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  1. I feel goodbyes at least help you know it’s an end. it’s a long life, people come people go and with each we have a story. Goodbyes end the story, much better than people who vanish with unsaid words and we stand helpless trying to find the answers to end the story. It’s absolutely true the more people we lose the more we start hating ourselves and thats why self love needs to priority.


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