Fearful Life or Fearless Life?

Imagine, you go to an amusement park with your friends and you all are waiting in front of a roller-coaster for your turn. You’re scared to go up there but your friends are forcing you to take a ride, at the end you’re left with no options but to get on that roller-coaster. You’re on your seat and now you’ve two options, either to get scared and not enjoy the ride or to leave your fears behind and enjoy the ride and live the moment. Let me tell you what each of the situations can lead to.

If you go with the first option to get scared, you might almost cry on that ride with no fun in return. This shall not only be one of the bad experiences you gain but also will increase your fear of riding a roller-coaster. Which leads to a fearful life. But if you go with the second option, you shall be a brave person!

This proves that you had the courage to over come your fears with help of your friends and finally you turned a fear into something you like or enjoy. This will destroy the fear of riding roller-coasters as well as at the same time also boost your confidence. Which leads to a fearless life.

Fearful Life or Fearless Life?

Now, go back and take a decision, which option would you like to choose? Comment down below and share it with the entire world.

Connecting it to the reality, this roller-coaster ride is your life and the fear of riding the roller-coaster are the various fears you might have in your life. But the catch here is that you cannot allow these fears to hold you back and not allow you to enjoy the ride of the roller-coaster.

You must enjoy your life, after all we get to live only once. Who would like to live a life full of fears? Don’t you want to enjoy your life? Like enjoy the work you do, enjoy spending time with people as well as enjoy the struggles of life!

There is always going to be one or the other fear to hold you back and if you let that fear hold you back, tomorrow there is going to be another fear that shall hold you back. And this shall go on until you’re lying down on a bed in some hospital taking your last breath and that is the moment when you’ll realise that you should have showed some courage and not let that fear hold you back.

Once, just for once gather the courage to fight with your fears and you shall have all the courage and the power to fight all the fears coming your way in the future. And trust me, it feels amazing when you over come a fear, when there is nothing that haunts you anymore!

So, the decision is in your hands now, are willing to gather some courage and fight that one fear and enjoy the rest of your life or let that one fear lead to another and multiples in the future and waste your life by not enjoying it and not living the moment!

Hope you take a wise decision!

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