The Welcome Post

Hello World!

So, this is my very first blog on my personal blog page. In this blog I would like to introduce myself to you all and let you know a little of who I’m actually as a person. This will help you guys to easily understand the future posts and will help you relate much to my situation and under-which I took any particular decision.

Starting with basic, My name is Punit Khatri. I was born in the Yellow City of Jaisalmer, and bought up in Ahmedabad and Surat. That’s why I prefer to say, I’m from the food capital of Gujarat, Surat! I was 3 years old when we shifted to Surat, Gujarat.

Talking about my early education, I went to Delhi Public School, Surat. Completed my 12th grade from the same school. Imagine, staying in the same school for almost 14 years. The place felt more like home than, but my home did change twice. The campus of the School was changed because DPS makes sure to set-up the campus as far away possible from the city.

Talking about my family, apart from my parents I’ve a younger sister. She is 6 years younger to me and tries every way to irritate me. We aren’ that close but we do sometime have emotional talks. I’ll write a different article on my Dad, Mom and my Sister in the future. For now, I can talk about almost anything to my parents and they are quite cool with me chilling at night as well until I do everything they tell me to do XD.

Friend Circle, it is something very important in a person’s life and I never lacked on my friends. They were always there. Though sometimes there were clashes but who doesn’t fight with their friends? It’s common now a days! In-fact, more you fight, deeper the friendship.

Talking about my nature, I’m a short tempered person. I get angry and pissed off very quickly, but it’s very similar to Mercury. By the pace which I get angry, I also cool down by the same pace. And yes, an Over-Thinker. It is a habit now to over think things and spoil situations but do not worry I am working on it and trying to improve.

And that’s all about me for the very first article post. Make sure to subscribe to my newsletter so you’ll be notified every time I upload an article.

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