The Long Distance Relationship

What comes to your mind first, when you read the title of this article? Let me guess, you must be thinking about your relationship with your girlfriend or boyfriend who stays far away from you, is that right? But this article is a little different. I’m not going to talk about your relationship with your loved one but your True One.

Yes, I’m talking about your Best Friend, the Long Lost Best Friend. We make too many friends during our school and our childhood. Some of them come real close to you while others are just normal friends. Some know everything about you, these are the ones you approach whenever anything goes wrong because you know they are not going to judge you and provide the best advice as well as live the same situation with you.

Once we shift to different cities, we make even more friends, college friends or work place friends. These friends sometimes super-seed the Best Friends from school just because the Best Friend is in a different city while these friends are right in front of your eyes. But that is not true, is some situations you do would like to talk to your Long Lost Friend as well.

But even tough we try, we may fail and it turns out that it has been years you haven’t spoken to your Best Friend. Is it either their birthday or yours or an occasion when you two just wish each other, a normal Hi, Hello and that is it! Back to the old ways, both are busy in their lives.

Hold on a second, here there is a twist, this Best Friend wants to speak to you and know about your personal life! It’s just that it sometimes turns out to be a little awkward to talk after a long gap. Because who doesn’t like to talk about old times and refresh the memories of Old Good Days? Everyone loves to do that, you know why? Because that was the time when you enjoyed your days, enjoyed your life. Now, it is just loads of assignments to do or dead-lines to meet.

So, whenever you get a thought of talking to your Long Lost Best Friend, gather the courage and tap on the number from your contact list and say “hello” and the world shall turn into a peaceful place, just as Old Good Days. You know the best part about it? This one small little conversation will boost you for a way longer time. Just think, you’re bored and not enjoying your life but than too completing all your works, now just imagine, you at the tip of the Ice Berg and having the same load of responsibilities. It will be a fun ride, hence forth.

That is why, never ever miss an opportunity to talk to your Long Lost Best Friends, or for the matter your Long Lost Friends. These are the small moments of life that you shall enjoy and this is what will keep you going. Wait, why not talk to them right away? Pick up your phone, go to contacts and call them right now and talk to them. Doesn’t matter for just for a minute, but please do and let me know in the comments below if you did!

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