The Home Coming

Home is that one place which solves all the problems in the entire world for you and the people inside this place, your mom and dad are the ones whom you can go to in the middle of the night and they will love you like no one else can.

Often people have to leave their home for either studying or for work. All the parents in this world want their child to gain as much as knowledge as possible and work hard to live a successful life. It is this time of the year when everyone travels back home for the prosperous festival of Diwali. But often after moving to different cities children forget to talk to their parents daily and most of the times just forget the give the required time to their family and loved ones.

The same was the case with me, I and my dad were not that close or didn’t talk that nicely. You know that feeling, where both of your know that the terms aren’t good but than to non of the two try to resolve it. Because from the side of the dad, he tried a lot but you never opened up to him so he left it and gave up the hope. Now, it is your turn and he is waiting for you to try to resolve the terms between you two.

In the search of the new world and experience, we leave our loved ones and family behind. I want to know, is it so important? Like earning money, experience and some temporary friends for the sake of your family? This is the mistake we do, for the temporary gains from the job, temporary moments from new friends, we neglect our family members and be rude to them. I’ve myself my seen my colleagues not talking to their parents properly because they think that their parents do not understand them and try to invade their privacy.

People who are with you since your birth do not understand you and people who have met you few months ago understand you well? I do not think so, it is just that we fail to express our feelings towards our loved once and try to express extra to our girl/boy friends. Why not try to talk to them, it is just that we do not talk to our parents, it leads to lots of problems. I know it can be awkward in the beginning to talk, like what will you talk about? But starting calling them for 5 mins daily, obviously you can spare 5 mins for your family members, can’t you?

What will happen is that, your family members will feel special, loved and definitely you’ll be able to see the lost smile on their faces again. Give it a try, what is the harm in trying? Haven’t you heard the saying, try n try, until you succeed!

So, did you try talking to your family members? And did it work for you? Let me know in the comments below.

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